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Dress code

Transformed and readjusted with style

Borrow your granny’s dress, ransack into the old chest of drawers of your attic and bring life into an old and elegant suit.

Put a sense of whimsy and a pinch of creativeness and add some laces, gloves, a hat and a purse for girls. Wear moustaches, your grandpa’s waistcoat, a watch and a nice old pipe for men. And you are perfect to participate at the event!

Vintage style for women

Poodle skirt and flats

Sheath dress, poodle skirt, flats, Napa leather gloves and overcoat to the knee. These are some of the classic pieces you can find in the wardrobe of the perfect “lady”. In order to be vintage you can take inspiration from the style of 50s characterized by its sober femininity. Black sheath dress, soft pleated skirt and nuance: black and camelhair passepartout, brilliant emerald and sensual cherry red.

Vintage style for men

Clutch, scarf or change purse

Open your wardrobes, comb through chests hidden into your attics or cellars and you will definitely find a clutch, a scarf, a cap, a change purse or a bow tie belong to an ancestor or a distant relative. Put a bit of wax on your moustaches and you are ready to parade to the historical centre: that’s a blast from the past!
Do not forget to wear a plaid shirt rigorously buttoned up to the last button and closed with cuff link. And, of course, sustain your trousers with “comfortable” braces!

Classy touch

Make up and hairstyle for women, beard and moustaches for men

Make up, perfect skin color, black infallible eyeliner line and intense red lips are the rules of perfect make up in style of the 50s. And what about the hairstyle? You only need a chignon on your nape and two backcombed ringlets at your face sides to have an elegant vintage headdress. Do not forget the shoes! They are incredibly important: they are characteristic of that age and ready to be back to life at the feet of today women as artwork.

Men just need nice well-finished beards and a pair of moustaches: they will certainly live up to the vintage ladies!

The vehicle

Vintage bicycles

Oldies but goldies

You need a vintage bicycle to attend the BIKE VINTAGE ALPE ADRIA. So… take a look into your barns and into your cellars and you will find your old family bicycle: keep it spic and you are ready to pedal!

What does it happen if you do not find it? We can rent one for you! Do not forget to reserve it by the 25th of June at the price of 10,00 €. Otherwise you can rent it directly at the start (on the 7th of July) at the price of 15,00 €. You will give it back at the end of the tour.

The manual

Etiquette of the vintage cyclist

First of all: good manners

The bike ride is free, so everyone has to respect the Rules of the Road.

— Ride the bike in a decent and gentlemanly way
— Respect the traffic rules
— Be careful with children: take care of their safety and help their ride
— Be kind and let the others know when you want to turn or stop
— Inform who follows you if there is any risk or obstacle
— Slow down: this is not a competition
— The goal of this ride is to share the beauty of the town with other joyful people so it is recommended to pedal all together

The organization denies any responsibility to any damage caused by the participants to other people or things.

Udine / Saturday 7th July 2018

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