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Since the 20s with fervour

We are The Three Aunts, lifelong friends who share the passion of vintage clothing, bikes and fun!

Due to the success of the last four editions of “Tweed Bike Vintage di Udine”, the Three Aunts (Federica, Chiara and Marinella) propose a qualitative leap. The vintage event is a bike itinerary to discover an area of Friuli Venezia Giulia: it is identified with “Alpe Adria” of the Austro-Hungarian period. The route is split into historical stops and annual gourmet conventions: an interesting way to advertise our territory and to have fun by using an eco-friendly means of transport.

Bike Vintage Alpe Adria Logo

From the alps to the Adriac Sea, historical itineraries by vintage bike

The principle aim is to rediscover the pleasure of living the town by riding the bike following unusual routes and discovering hidden places and corners.

Ladies and Gentlemen

The Three Aunts

Federica Fasano - Zia Irma
Aunt Irma

Federica Fasano

Federica Fasano, native of Gorizia, is the core of the organization. When she puts on the gown of AUNT IRMA she goes back to Austrian Nice of 1911, in the splendorous empire of Franz Joseph. She is very devoted to family, she loves strolling in the park of Villa Coronini and she sunbaths at the bathing establishment of Grado. She frequently participates at concerts and feasts held by the high aristocracy.

Chiara Bernardis - Zia Noemi
Aunt Noemi

Chiara Bernardis

Chiara Bernardis is the breeding ground of ideas and she is always cheerful and smiling. When she identifies with AUNT NOEMI she goes back to the 50s, in the pleasant small town of Tomba di Mereto (also called “Tumbare”). Since she was a child, she has expressed her passion for art and painting. Her works of art are appreciated for their delicacy and soft expression of features. She loves mundane vanity and the period of the pin up.

Aunt Gina

Marinella Riva

Marinella Riva is a hairdresser only for this occasion and she is positive impulse of the group. When she puts on the gown of AUNT GINA she goes back to the 40s, in the elegant Udine (Udine “bene”). She is an intrepid photographer and activist for the woman’s equal opportunities. She loves travel to unexplored places that she photographs with abundance of details. She is always present at feasts and mundane vanity and dancing is her passion.

Special people

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